Bunthoeun Harn

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Vegetable Farmer
Male Entrepreneur

How do you do! My name is Bunthoeun Harn. I live with my wife and our two young children. My wife supports our family’s main income with the $35.00 a week she earns working in a factory, while I am an occasional farmer and worker. We live a small house in Takeo province, Cambodia.


Vegetable Farmer
Male Entrepreneur

I’m currently a rice farmer, and labourer, and I also used to be a vegetable farmer. I grew vegetables to feed my family and generate extra income. This helped me to pay for some of my children’s needs, such as education, food, and healthcare. I stopped the business because I had no water source, limited farming skills, or resources to support it.

It isn’t easy for my wife and I to meet our family’s needs with limited levels of education. We’re often unable to afford proper medical supplies and food for our family. While we own a small rice paddy, we are unable to cultivate it due to a lack of money. I also need to save money for my husband’s medical care in order to prevent his other arm from shrinking.

My business goal is to start up our vegetable farm and develop it into a successful micro-enterprise. I hope to generate more income so that we can support our children’s education, our family’s healthcare, and improve the quality of food our family consumes.

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Vegetable Farmer

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