Chorn Som

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Grocery Seller
Female Entrepreneur

Hello. My name is Chorn Som and I’m 44. I have one son and three grand-children who are currently studying at primary and high school. Nowadays I sell groceries and my husband is a bike mechanic. My daughters and her husband work in factories, but they also have difficulties due to their disabilities – my daughter is deaf, and my son in law is blind on one side​. We live a remote village of Cambodia, Svay Rieng province.

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Grocery Seller
Female Entrepreneur

Our main income is generated by selling groceries, and my daughter’s factory work. I started my grocery business two years ago. I face some challenges in my business, for example, the variety of my products is limited, I do not have many skills in business or marketing and I do not know how to record my business income and expenses. As I lack the ability to invest in more products, I sell very little. However, I hope to save and be able to invest in increasing my product range and, consequently, my daily profit. I hope the program will provide me the opportunity to expand my business.

Due to my family’s low income we face multiple issues. We do not have enough money to support our child and grand-children’s education as we cannot afford to purchase new stationery or new school uniform for them. We often have to borrow money to spend on my family’s schooling and medical care. We also do not have access to clean water and a toilet, so we must either use my relative’s toilet. We don’t have large rice cultivation land for producing food for our family’s consumption, but I am hoping to change my family’s outlook through a VE sponsorship.

I would like to build up my current business to become a full grocery stall and eventually develop it into a profitable micro-enterprise. With more funding I can avoid the problems I encountered previously.
Our goal is to generate enough income so that we can afford to support our children’s education, improve our family’s healthcare, develop our household facilities including installing our own toilet, and improve our overall standard of living.


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Grocery Seller

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