Khny Chhoy

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Fish Raising
Male Entrepreneur

Hello, people in my village call me Khny. I am a 30-year-old father with 2 children in school. I work as a construction worker occassionally, while my wife earns our family’s main income from her work as in a factory. We live in a small cottage in Svay Rieng Province, a remote region of Cambodia.


Fish Raising
Male Entrepreneur

To contribute to making extra income for my family, my wife and I have discussed setting up a busines splan for a fish farming enterprise. People in my community who run this business also earn good profits. I have recently met with some villagers to learn what is involved with farming pigs. We understand that we need to plant some vegetables to make feed for the fish to reduce our costs. I will be able to develop a farm when I am able to access capital, find a better water source and have an opportunity to learn skills in farming fish.

As a poor family in the community, we face many issues. We are worried about our children’s education, especially, when they go to secondary school because the school is much further and we will need to buy bicycles for them and pay more for class fees as well. I always worry about their future and education. The whole family lives in a small house which does not have a toilet or any separate rooms for our children and it often floods in heavy rain. I hope the program will help me to start the pig farming business so I can improve my family’s financial wellbeing.

I would like to start a fish farming business with the goal of developing it into a successful, sustainable micro-enterprise. By doing this I hope to increase our family income so that we can better support our children’s education, improve our family’s food consumption, and be able to afford to build a safer house for them.

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Fish Raising

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