Mary Chhin

$39.00 for each 1 day

Chicken Farmer
Female Entrepreneur

Hello. I am Mary Chhin, a 41 year old widow with 3 children. One of my children is working as a factory worker. She earns our family’s main income of around $30.50 a week. I also sometimes work as a labourer in rice and vegetable fields for extra money. We live a old house in Takeo province.


Chicken Farmer
Female Entrepreneur

A few years ago, I worked in other provinces of Cambodia, and earned more money, but I often got sick so I decided to return home. After this, I started my own business farming chickens and ducks. I started earning more money for the family, however, my daughter got sick so I sold my animals to pay for her healthcare. The small business I did and income I earned allowed me to earn something to contribute the family’s wellbeing. I wished to do it again better and with more success this time.

I have small land to cultivate rice so I must allocate more money to feed my family. We often have to buy rice on credit and repay it when my daughter is paid. I also struggle to pay for my children’s education. In the past I have also faced medical issues. When I was sick last year, the village chief organised a ceremony for me to collect donations to help as I could not afford the medicine.

My goal is to start up my animal farm again and build it up to become a successful micro-enterprise.
I would like to provide food every day for my family, financially support my children’s study and provide them with healthcare.

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Chicken Farmer

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