Ra Neom

$39.00 for each 1 day

Chicken and Duck Farmer
Female Entrepreneur

My name is Ra Neom. I am a 35 year old mother with 2 young children. I work as a animal farmer. My husband works odd jobs wherever they are available, often as a rice field labourer or a construction worker. His work is not stable. We also have an old mother living with us. We live in Takeo province, Cambodia.


Chicken and Duck Farmer
Female Entrepreneur

To increase my income my husband and I have raised chickens and ducks for a year. We can feed the animals to our children and have even sold some for extra income. The business was very small but we tried to do it seasonally. We plan to be able to maintain our business throughout the year. Once we have better access to a water source, better materials and are able to learn more skills I hope to be more successful.

From the small income my husband and I provide almost all the income for our daily family needs such as our children’s studies, food, healthcare and household facilities. I cannot save a lot of money and often cannot afford to support my children’s education. My children have been using hand-me-down bicycles, school uniforms and stationery left over from previous years. Also, we often fall into debt when any one of the family gets sick. I hope the program will help generate a stable income for my family.

My goal is to expand my current animal farming business and build it into a successful micro-enterprise.
In the future I hope to have enough income to support my children’s study, upgrade our food security and facilities and improve our living standards as a whole.

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