Ratha Ouk

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Frog farmer
Male Entrepreneur

Hi, my name is Ratha Ouk. I live with my family of 3 members, in ma cottage in Svay Rieng. My daughter currently in school, in first grade. My wife, a factory worker, is the main breadwinner for the family. I work occasionally in construction.


Frog farmer
Male Entrepreneur

As the income we earn is not enough to support us, in the last few year we have withdrawn some money from our savings so that we could start farming frogs and fish to earn additional income. While I did earn some income, I was forced to sell all of my frogs and fish during the dry season, since I was worried about keeping them healthy this season due to my lack of access to water and limited farming skills.

Our income is limited, and we’re often unable to afford proper medical supplies, stationery for my children, debt repayments and food for our family. We live in a small, old house that often floods. When it rains or is windy my husband and I are kept awake, unable to sleep because of fear of flooding. I hope this program helps to support my family.

In the future I would like to start up my farming business again, and develop it into a successful micro-enterprise. With more funding and the appropriate training I can do this. Through this micro-enterprise I can generate more income which will allow me to support my child’s education, provide better quality food and water to my family and improve my house and our standard of living as a whole.

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