Sokhom Neom

$39.00 for each 1 day

Chicken and Duck Farmer
Female Entrepreneur

Hello! People in my community call me Sokhom, I’m 42 years old and mother to four children. I’m a chicken farmer, and sweets and desserts vendor. My husband is an occasional construction worker but he can’t work every day due to his poor health. We live in a remote area of Takeo province, Cambodia.


Chicken and Duck Farmer
Female Entrepreneur

I’m also a chicken and duck farmer. To increase my income my husband and I have raised chickens and ducks for a year. We can feed the animals to our children and have even sold some for extra income. The business was very small but we tried to do it seasonally. We plan to be able to maintain our business throughout the year. Once we have better access to a water source, better materials and are able to learn more skills I hope to be more successful.

A few years ago, one of my children dropped out of school because she wanted to help support the family. A lack of support for children’s education and food security have been making us very worried. We do not have big rice cultivation land and therefore paying for rice every day takes up a large portion of our budget. On top of this, we have to budget for our children’s study, save to improve our household facilities and provide healthcare to my family. I hope the program will help generate more income for my family, will help my business expand, and improve my conditions of living.

In the future I would like to expand my current chicken and duck farming business and develop it into a successful micro-enterprise.
I really hope that one day I will be able to purchase some rice cultivation land to ensure I have enough food for my family. Also, I will be able to better support my children’s education and improve my family’s healthcare and household facilities.

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