Sombo Harn

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Chicken Farmer
Male Entrepreneur

Hello, my name is Sombo Harn. I am a 38 year-old father of 2 children. All of my children are in school, one in grade 5, one in grade 9. My wife helps me with my work as rice field and construction worker sometimes. In total, we only earn around $33.75 a week which is used to support the whole family. We live in a small and old house in Takeo province.


Chicken Farmer
Male Entrepreneur

I have raised chickens for few years, but it is a very small business. I sometimes take losses from the business because of limited resources and skills. Recently, I’ve withdrawn my savings and restarted the business. I have used the chickens for our family to eat and even sold some for extra income. It is currently very small but I have been trying to learn more skills for farming from some of my friends to improve in this area. Once I have better access to water, better materials and I am able to learn more skills in farming animals I hope to be more successful.

It isn’t easy for me and my wife to meet our family’s needs due to our limited levels of education. We earn just enough income from labouring work. We’re often unable to afford proper medical supplies and food for our family. Since we own only a small rice field, we are unable to cultivate it enough to support the family food. Our main concern is the short support of my children’s education. Additionally, our house is really old, with damage, and I can’t support building other facilities for the housel. I hope the program will help me generate more income for my family.

I am aiming to expand my current business of farming chickens and develop it into a successful micro-enterprise.
My goal is to increase my family income so that I can better support my children’s education, improve my family’s food security, healthcare and provide my family with other household facilities.

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Chicken Farmer

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