Sophon Ka

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Vegetable Farmer
Male Entrepreneur

Hello, my name is Sophon Ka. I am 28 year old man, living in Takeo Province. I work whatever jobs to get incomes, and currently as a construction worker. I am a main person who support the family. I live with my old mother and my adopted child.


Vegetable Farmer
Male Entrepreneur

3 years ago I started growing vegetables. I had enough for our family to eat and to make some extra income. Our vegetable farm is currently very small but I’ve been trying to learn more skills from our friends to improve our situation. Once we have better access to water sources and materials, and are able to learn more skills, we hope to be more successful.

I’m worried about our lack of stable income. Sometimes our shifts in the construction works get cut. This makes it incredibly difficult to make enough money to pay for food, and sometimes our child can’t go to school either. We are trying to save more by selling our vegetables and we hope the program will help us improve our financial situation.

I would like to expand my vegetable farming business and develop it into a successful micro-enterprise. I think that with more funding and education I will be able to achieve this. In future I really hope I will able to provide better financial support for my children’s education, improve the quality of food I supply them with and create access to clean water and electricity.

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Vegetable Farmer

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